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質問-   とりBARDの巣 3.0

I initially planned to make a world of Toribard a long time ago for my old blog but didn’t have idea to start, which is a shame because the nearly 4 years for dragged…

toribard's world

At last, it was Ghibli Museum where greatly inspired me in lots idea to create the world when I was in Japan a couple months ago! I’m deeply impressed by the conscious sense of mystery is the core of Miyazaki’s art.

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Toribard made his debut way back in 2005 on my MSN display picture. Here’s a look at the character over the years!

He was redesigned several times to become more simple and cute. Further subtle changes to the character’s design have been made in my blogs and portraits.

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Toribard is fictional blue bird with own cap. The name “TORI” is Japanese romaji, as it originally meant “Bird” and along with “Bird” being a sound of English pronunciation similar like “Bard”.

His blue pigmentation was chosen to represents both the sky and sea, also is associated with freedom, and his cap was concept from duckbill cap to covering his face!

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